Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lesson Learned by a Foolish Woman

Well just wanted to share a lesson I just learned with ya. I got a call from my husband today to say there was a category 3 hurricane coming to hit us saturday and he wanted me to run out and get supplies before everyone freaked and there wasn't anything left. So I did with 3 cranky kids in tow. Well I will no describe the experience with the kids, laugh now, sorda. I did scare a few ladies in the store about a hurricane coming and spent lots of money on batteries, water, canned food, etc. I then and only then went to the internet when I got home to see that well this Category 3 is now a cat. 4. However our weather people claim Monday to be partly cloudy and this cat 4 will dwindle to a tropical storm before hitting us. So a lesson to all. Be stocked and ready with your 72 hr kits and 3 mth supply and hurricane proof stuff, so you don't look the fool. Oh and i also called my realtor to see what they were going to do with the house. WE in Alabama and florida, know all about hurricanes and board up all the time. Here in Hawaii I guess you look for the tropical surf. Oh well lesson learned. May everyone's Monday be partly cloudy with a chance of rain. Thanks.

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