Monday, August 3, 2009


  1. That's awesome. I wish I could find a house here with a basement like that.

  2. WATER:

    Most bottled water is just bottled tap water, sold to you at a premium price. She mentions not wanting chemicals from the cement getting into the plastic containers, but plastic is a petrochemical product. Petro is oil, and oil as well as oil derived products are highly toxic to the human system. Plastic has recently come under scrutiny for containing BPA, which wreaks havoc on your entire body. It’s nasty stuff! The chemicals (including BPA) in the plastics leech into your water making it a virtual toxic cesspool. Yes, it’s survival water, but at what cost?

    Some of the products she has on her shelf are not food, but food-like products. Nearly every packaged processed food contains a host of petrochemicals (many of the ingredients you cannot pronounce). They also contain food colorings (which are also petro products) and are known to cause all kinds of problems in children. Many of these packaged processed products contain high levels of genetically engineered (adulterated) crops that are known to cause food allergies, numerous health issues (including many previously unknown diseases), and even sterility by the 3rd generation (i.e. you won’t go sterile, but your children or grandchildren will depending on whether your parents were also raised on this stuff).

    Genetic engineering comes in two flavors: 1) allows a crop to not die while soaking up large amounts of Round Up herbicides, and 2) produces its own toxin from every cell in its body—which it continues to do after harvest and processing. Either way, it’s bad. Then consider that these foods have been sprayed with pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, etc., as well as fumigated, irradiated, and stored in plastic. And by the way, most of those cans have a BPA-laced lining.

    To avoid all of these nasties, don’t buy packaged processed foods, or at least be very cautious about which ones you do buy. Avoid any food with GE crops (mainly corn, soy, canola, and cottonseed) or any derivative thereof. Buy organic (organic is not scary—it simply means a food item the way God created it, not the way man created it in a lab, which is real scary!). Pure organic (there are levels of organic for products) are not allowed to have genetically modified products, synthetic persistent pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc. They are not allowed to have synthetic growth hormones, antibiotics, or vaccines. The animals are treated humanely. Natural is not the same as organic.


    Morning Moo is NOT milk. Have you ever read the ingredients? It is full of icky stuff, including GE soy, canola, corn, HFCS, lecithin, etc. It also contains partially hydrogenated vegetable oil which are dangerous enough on their own, but are also GE.


    Those bags of wheat and those cereal boxes on the top shelf are totally unprotected from rodents. Also those plastic totes are nice (other than being plastic) but they are also not rodent-proof.